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Godox Digital Timer Remote is designed to trigger the camera's shutter wit precise and regular time internvals. It is suited to a variety of tasks, including precise control over delay shutter, exposure time, interval, number of shots and many more functions. Shutter speed can be selected with the camera if desired.   

  • A self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer and exposure-count setting feature
  • Timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 min, 59 sec in one second increments 
  • User can choose anywhere from 1-99 continuous shots or set the timer to take an unlimited number of photos  
  • LCD panel can be illuminated, enabling you to operate even in darkness


  • Support single shot, continuous shot and bulb shot.
  • Delay or interval time is adjustable from 1s to 99 hours 59 mins 59 secs.
  • Number of the shots can be set from 1 to 399(or unlimited).
  • LCD to show function, easy to operate.

Compatible with Sony  A560, A580, A290, A390, A450, A55, A33, A500, A550, A850, A900, A350, A300,A200, A700, A100


  • Timer Delay: 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in one-second increments
  • Interval Time: 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in one-second increments
  • Exposure Time: 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in one-second increments
  • Number of Shots: 1 to 399,--(unlimited)
  • Power Source: 2 * AAA(Not included)

Package List:

  • 1 * Controller
  • 1 * C1 Cable
  • 1 * User Manual
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