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Never miss another photo struggling with a floppy wrist strap, try the SpiderPro Hand Strap and experience
real comfort and security while shooting. The unique design works with DSLR cameras with or without a battery grip.
Attached to the strap lug and the tripod connection, the hand strap can be attached with Spider Plates, tripod quick
release plates or the included hardware.
The strap’s curved S-shape and optional wrist strap make your camera feel almost as though it was an extension of
your arm. The ergonomic shape is designed to allow easy access to the battery door and memory card slots. While
it is optional, the wrist strap provides additional support and security. The foam padding and leather construction
provide both comfort and optimal hand positioning for manipulating camera controls. In addition, with repeated use,
the leather and padding will conform to your hand for a custom fit and all day comfort.
SKU975, SKU980-SKU987
Product Highlights
• Added support for DSLR’s with long lenses
• Compatible with battery grips
• Adjustable size to fit your hand
• Easy access to rear camera controls
• Ergonomic shape & design
• Genuine leather construction
• Optional Wrist Strap Included

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