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The unique tilt mechanism used in the Savage Convertible Drop Stand™ & Boom Arm allows use as either a 12′ Drop Stand™ easy-open light stand or as a medium-duty boom – making this a single, multi-functional wonder tool. The combination of a boom and light stand that can be quickly set up in either configuration, combined with the quick repositioning abilities of our exclusive auto-extending and collapsing Drop Stand™ legs make this a must-have for photographers on-the-go. Simply place the stand on the ground to extend its legs and lift the stand up to retract them automatically. No longer worry about bending down to fiddle with leg locks when setting up and taking down your lighting gear.

Convertible 12′ boom/light stand
Carry bag
Double zippered sandbag

4 Sections
Air dampened in 2 sections
Aluminum construction
Maximum height: 12’
Minimum usable height: 51"
Collapsed length: 47"
Tripod width (footprint): 32"
Maximum load: 10 lbs.

Boom Arm:
Maximum usable boom length: 60"
Minimum usable boom length: 8"
Maximum load: 5 lbs.

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