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The Savage Pro Duty Drop Stand™ combines the indoor/outdoor capabilities of a heavy-duty chrome plated light stand with the ability to open and close its legs automatically. No need to collapse the stand before moving between speaker stands, stage props or other tight spaces… our Drop Stand™ technology uses gravity to do the job for you! Just lift the stand to collapse the tripod and drop back onto a floor surface to re-spread. Rugged steel construction will handle even the most demanding applications.

2 Sizes extend to 7' and 10'
Durable stainless steel with aluminum collars
3-Section construction
Air-cushioned to increase security when lowering
3/8" Stud adapter on top of stand

7' Extending Drop Stand
-Maximum load at full extension: 30 lbs (14kg)
-Minimum height: 38" (97cm)
-Folded length: 38" (97cm)
-Footprint: 28" (71cm)
-Weight: 11 lbs (5kg)

10' Extending Drop Stand
-Maximum load at full extension: 15 lbs (7kg)
-Minimum height: 49" (124cm)
-Folded length: 49" (124cm)
-Footprint: 37" (94cm)
-Weight: 17 lbs (8kg)

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