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Designed to be used with the Product Pro Light Table, the   Large Product Photography Effects Kit  from   Savage  contains props, translucent Translum, Velveteen, and Mylar Film to create background sweeps, selective underlighting, and creative reflections. The kit includes a background stand that's adjustable from 16.5-30.5" in width and 19-33" in height. To encourage product photography, Savage provides 12 acrylic ice cubes to get you ready to photograph cocktails and soft drinks or anything in the food world that would benefit by being depicted with ice. Two 23 x 40" heavyweight and two lightweight Translum backgrounds are provided, as are four 23 x 40" black Velveteen backgrounds for a moody look or selective lighting. Four sheets of 23 x 16" Mylar are also included for creative reflections. It all fits in the kit's padded carry bag.

  • Ideal accessory kit for the Savage Product Pro LED Light Table
  • Custom cut materials for creative underlighting and backlighting
  • Translum diffusion sweeps produce gradient backgrounds easily
  • Blackout Velveteen backgrounds help create selective underlighting
  • Mylar sweeps add creative reflections
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