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lease dont keep open the light for a long time, or it may damage the light bulb. Do not use more than 3 minutes. Do not let the body heat up. Do not remove the focus head.

Package Included1x Blue Light 5 X Star cap 2 X 16340 battery 1x Charger 1x Goggles 1x Manual 1x Metal Portable Box

High-grade textured aluminum alloy structure. Excellent workmanship precision thread, thickened waterproof ring. Stainless steel screws firmly fixed, not loose.

High-grade aluminum frame metal box packaging, easy to store and carry.

Amazing strong and Amazing powerful. Be able to light a match and burn balloon or plastic when adjust focus on it.

Visible light and adjustable focus light.The illumination distance is 80-100 meters during the day, and up to 1500 meters at night. It is no problem to see it from a few hundred meters away.

If you install the star cap, you can get 5 different patterns. These patterns are full of fantasy and novelty, bringing you endless fun. Remove the star cap, you will get a super-strong beam of light.

For outdoor adventure,distant targets and instructions sent out distress signals to let your travel be more happy and safety.

Dont let kids play it, its not a toy. Please do not look directly into the beam with the naked eye, wear glasses to protect your eyes.

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