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Savage’s Spring Clamps are an essential tool for any seamless paper user. Clamp the backdrop roll to your support stand to keep the paper from unfurling during a photo shoot. Also ideal for vinyl or any other core-wound backdrop material.

4″ Clamps available in bulk packs of 50. 6″ Clamps available in bulk packs of 20.

Non-slip rubber covers on the clamp tips and handle protect the backdrop material while providing a comfortable grip for the user

4" Clamps:
Pack of 50
Opens 1 1/4" wide
Measures 4" long
Jaw width: 3/4"
Throat depth: 1"

6" Clamps:
Pack of 20
Opens 2 1/2" wide
Measures 6" long
Jaw width: 1"
Throat depth: 2"

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